Art Department Shows Their Talent Through Competition

The art department’s students participate in different competitions


Photo submitted by Katie Biere

Kelly Karre poses with her fire hydrant that she painted.

Sabryn Gibson, Reporter

Recently, the art department has participated in a couple of contests that have shown the artistic talent that our students have.

Ms. Biere introduced two students Kelly Karre (12) and Josh Eshbaugh (12) to a Fire Hydrant Design Scholarship Competition, where these students painted a fire hydrant any way they wanted for a chance to win a scholarship. Eshbaugh’s fire hydrant was covered in his creative doodles while Karre’s design consisted of Missouri’s state symbols. 

Karre’s idea was to put all the state symbols on the fire hydrant, some of these symbols including Missouri’s state animal, bird, bug, and etc. She then made the top of the hydrant look like the state capital. The hydrant brought out the beauty that’s hidden in Missouri.

“I liked doing it, painting is my favorite part of art. It was kind of difficult to paint on a bumpy fire hydrant but it was still fun,” Karre explained. 

Eshbaugh’s fire hydrant is covered in his creative doodles. His design was all black and white giving his fire hydrant a simple but intricate look.

“I got to sit and play music while drawing on a fire hydrant and I really liked it,” Eshbaugh expressed. 

Finalists Kelly Karre and Josh Eshbaugh worked tirelessly on their fire hydrants for the 2020-2021 Fire Hydrant Design Scholarship Competition and Liberty is so proud of them.  

Another art project that students participated in was the Vans High School Custom Culture Competition. With this competition, students have the opportunity to win $50,000 for their high school art program. This competition was created to inspire and empower high school students to embrace their creativity.