Senior Year Comes To A Close With Decision Day


Sruthi Ramesh

At 11:45, a large portion of students made their way to the main stairwell for a massive group photo.

Emily Bohn, Reporter

Well, it’s that time again. On May 5th, seniors immortalized their colleges and careers with pendants and merchandise. On the 2021 decision day, the class of 2021 was buzzing with the excitement of moving on.

Chips, candy, granola bars, and foam fingers were provided to students as they came down to the office (Courtesy of LHS Guidance )
Liv Coughran posts her decision of Missouri State on Instagram. (submitted by Liv Coughran)
A decision for Mizzou is decorated with the school’s colors. (LHS Publications)
(left to right) Mila Lange, Gabby Travis, Ashley Twellman, and Abbie McCormick post their decisions on the board. (Sruthi Ramesh)
Throughout the day, seniors stopped by the guidance office to fill out a pennant with their decision. By 2:15 p.m., the entire board was covered. (courtesy LHS Guidance)
Kate Fulhorst and Abby Heinemann pose with foam fingers and doritos. (LHS Publications)