My “Higher Power” Experience

A reaction to Coldplay’s new song and its music video


Creative Commons

Many Coldplay fans are already enamored with “Higher Power.”

Gavin Block, Reporter

It was Thursday, May 6, 6:45 p.m. I had just finished my homework, and Coldplay’s newest song, “Higher Power,” was released at midnight in the U.K. (6 p.m. local time). They had released a 15-second snippet of the song a few days before, which I had already listened to. I grabbed my earphones, went into my room, and searched up the song. There it was. The anticipation was over. It was so exciting; I was finally able to listen to it. I clicked on it and pressed play. 

To say the least, it was absolutely amazing. The song was a whirlwind of emotions, and just listening to it lifted my spirit. The music and the vocals were spectacular. I noticed that the song was in the key of F major, which in my opinion is the key of beauty and freedom. Other Coldplay songs in this key include “The Scientist,” “Paradise,” and “Amazing Day.” I really enjoyed the electronic and atmospheric feel of “Higher Power.” The song gave me an ‘80s vibe, and it sounded like something that would have been on their albums Mylo Xyloto or A Head Full of Dreams.

Afterward, I watched the music video for “Higher Power,” which was released on the same day. I would say that I liked this as well. It featured the band playing the song outside on the wet pavement, along with holographs of dancing alien-like people. I liked the fact that the video was simple, yet fun and energetic. 

Later, as I was taking this all in, I watched an interview with Chris Martin, Coldplay’s lead singer, which was conducted by iHeartRadio Canada. This also came out on the same day. In it, he talks about “Higher Power” as well as other things concerning the band. When asked what mood he would categorize the song in, Chris says, “I would put this in the category of absolute freedom, and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.” And I would certainly agree with him. 

I utterly loved “Higher Power,” and it was an awesome experience listening to it and watching the music video and interview as soon as it was released. I am incredibly thrilled and can’t wait for even more new Coldplay music to come out in the near future.