Art Among Us 

Students showcase their art around school


Fiona Flynn

A sketch of a skeleton by Maryn Weber featured in the art display case.

Sarah Clay, Reporter

Over the summer, many  eye-catching art pieces have been put into a display case by the art classrooms and on the walls around the school. They showcase some talented artists here at Liberty. 

Many of the student-created pieces are also featured in art shows that take place district-wide.

“It’s diverse, it’s unique and we want to show what each student can do,” art teacher Ms. Biere said. 

The art pieces are chosen by the art department and then judged on the students’ ability to understand technique and art as a whole.

The sketch (on the bottom right) was drawn by Hannah Ingrassia with colored pencils. (Fiona Flynn)

The prints in the display cases without names were purchased by the school. They’re just famous art pieces from history. 

Some of the student art is displayed in St. Joe’s Hospital, Wentzville School District’s central office, and even the Wentzville Community Center.

Sophomore Hannah Ingrassia created her art freshman year. Ms. Middendorf had given out the assignment, but it was Ms. Biere who inspired her. Ingrassia’s personal art style is realistic portraits. 

“It’s always been my passion from walking to now,” Ingrassia said. “I would definitely use it as a side hustle as it pays well.”

Ingrassia’s portrait took five hours and she used black and white wax-based colored pencils to create it. The mom is made entirely of lines while the baby is colored in. 

Ingrassia is currently in advanced studio art and will continue to take art classes.

Junior Maryn Weber has also been inspired by art.

“I really like Halloween,’’ she said. “I wanted to do something spooky.’’ 

Weber used regular pencils and charcoal pencils. Ms. Middendorf gave her the assignment to look at a skeleton for reference. 

So is this Weber’s passion or just a hobby? “Definitely something I want to do for a career. I’ll incorporate it in,” she responded.