French Club: More About The Culture Than The Language


Sruthi Ramesh

French club is an organization at Liberty that celebrate both French culture and the French language.

Grayce Page, Reporter

If you are looking for a club at Liberty, you may want to consider French Club. You don’t necessarily have to be in French class to be a part of the club.

Every week the group does something different. A couple of weeks ago they made shirt designs and voted on them, and recently even made crepes.

“We’re pretty diverse,” French Teacher Madame Farrelly said. “We’re all ages and some of us aren’t even in French class. We all just appreciate the French activities.”

Madame Farrelly is the sponsor of French club and encourages any student to join. (Grayce Page)

French club does a variety of fun activities.

“We celebrate holidays, we cook, we decorate, watch French films and appreciate the French culture,” Farrelly said. 

Grace Burke is the vice president of the club. She upholds many responsibilities including setting up the meetings, preparing for upcoming events and overall being a good leader. Burke has been enjoying French Club for a while now, and is grateful to be the vice president this year.

Grace Burke is the vice president of French Club this year. “I just like French as a language and culture,” Burke said. “I like being able to experience it with all of my friends.” (Grayce Page)

When asked about the duties and tasks that Bruke holds as VP, she responded by helping with shirt designs, setting up and cleaning up after the club and before the club starts, etc. Burke isn’t there just to enjoy the club, but to also do their part in making the club memorable and enjoyable for the people she surrounds herself with.

“I just like French as a language and culture,” Burke said. “I like being able to experience it with all of my friends.”

In the near future, Burke says, “we have a little surprise for French Week, I don’t know how much I’m allowed to give away.”

If you are indeed interested in this surprise, or to be a part of the club, the club usually meets in room 220 once a month on a late start Mondays. The club meets on days that work around the members; so the club doesn’t have set days every month.

“Anybody’s welcome,” Burke says. ”It doesn’t matter if you’re taking French or are just interested. It’s more about the culture and less about the language.”