Application Deadlines Nearing For CAPS And Lewis & Clark

CAPS and Lewis and Clark programs both have Dec. 13 application deadlines to offer students real-world learning experiences


Liz Hayes

The Lewis & Clark Career Center and CAPS are two programs that advance students in their future careers.

Liz Hayes, Reporter

Deadlines are right around the corner to apply for the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) and the Lewis & Clark programs. Both schools have a Dec. 13 deadline to apply for next year. 

The Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) programs are nationally recognized, innovative high school programs. CAPS has three branches that include: Healthcare, Global Business/Entrepreneurship, and Technology Solutions (IT and creative media). 

The Healthcare side of CAPS is ideal for students who intend to go into the medical field. Students will engage in healthcare at hospitals and/or healthcare facilities, giving students actual experience with health practitioners.

For Global Business/Entrepreneurship, students will create real startup ventures and solve real business needs. Students engaging in global business will work with organizations to work on projects that solve real needs.

In Technology Solutions (IT and creative media), students will develop professional skills that are necessary in collaborative, innovative, and fast-paced environments in IT or Creative Media. This course culminates in an instructor-student agreed-upon capstone project and internship showcasing their work in this exciting field of study.

Students who are interested can attend a virtual prospective student night on Zoom on Dec. 8 from 6:30-8 p.m. (Zoom ID: 94288056165 Password: 1ikL2aR5)

Students will meet instructors and hear from current students in all three programs. 

If you are interested in shadowing a student at CAPS, email Ms. Erica Land ([email protected]). Shadow days are the week of Nov. 29-Dec. 3. 

To apply, click here and fill out the application by Dec. 13. 

The Lewis & Clark Career Center is the career and technical high school for St. Charles County. It provides students with a rigorous, supportive, and meaningful career and technical education program designed to meet the needs of our community. 

Each program has an advisory committee made up of professionals from their respective fields who offer our instructors guidance and direction to ensure our students are receiving the most technologically advanced and relevant curriculum possible. 

An integral part of the Lewis & Clark program is our SkillsUSA chapter. It is our primary Career and Technical Student Organization that prepares students to become productive leaders in their communities.

Lewis & Clark students have a history of success in regional, state, and national SkillsUSA competitions. In Lewis & Clark, there are many different subjects. 

In Advanced Manufacturing, students are instructed in shop safety and proper procedure for each welding process. The lab is set up to simulate the welding industry. Students are evaluated by written tests and by testing their welds as specified by the American Welding Society code. 

Another program in Lewis & Clark is Automotive & Mechanical Technology. This class is open to juniors who have an interest in auto collision repair as a wage-earning occupation. Students will learn things like MIG welding, straightening and aligning sheet metal, applying and shaping plastic fillers, plastic panel identification and plastic repair methods. Students will also learn, Primer, sealer and basecoat/clearcoat application will be covered along with paint defect identification and repair. 

Other programs in Lewis & Clark include construction trades. Students not only gain experience in home construction, but also will learn about subdivision construction. Houses are sold upon completion. Students will gain experience in building both single and two-story dwellings. 

With Education & Training, students will earn certification in infant, child, and adult first aid/CPR. In addition, students will earn a Missouri state certificate for the Infant Safe Sleep Course. In Health Sciences, this class may be taken as a 4-hour dual credit class with State Technical College of Missouri. Credit is transferable to many other Missouri colleges and universities including Missouri S&T, SEMO, and Missouri State University).

In the Hospitality program, students in the Applied Retail & Business Skills program rotate through the following stations at JC’s, the school store: cashier, inventory control, maintenance, bookkeeper, food preparation, and food manager. 

In Information Technology, students who successfully complete this program will be able to work as an entry-level help desk technician, a computer repair technician, or a computer support technician in all types of business and industry. 

For Law and Public Safety, students will be taught the materials and skills using a variety of teaching and learning methods.  They will have daily lessons or learning activities where students will be expected to actively participate.  Some examples include: class discussions, lectures and slide presentations, practical skill demonstrations, drills and exercise, physical training sessions, team building activities, and “role play” scenarios.

If you are interested in shadowing a student at Lewis & Clark, you should sign up on the appointment request portal for an appointment with Ms. Gerringer. Only one student per program per day is allowed, so dates may book up. Shadow dates for this semester include: Dec. 9, Jan. 25, Feb. 4, March 8, and April 1. 

To apply to Lewis & Clark, there is a deadline of Dec. 13. 

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