Astrology 102: Moon Signs

Explaining what your moon sign is and how to take care of it


Elaine Thimyan

Your moon represents your emotions, and there are ways to care for it

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

Did you know that there’s more to a zodiac sign than just your sun sign? When you’re born it’s like taking a screenshot of the sky. Each planet had an impact on your birth chart. We’ve talked about sun signs, so let’s talk about moon signs.

The moon, ruled by Cancer, is the planet of emotions, how you express those emotions, subconscious, dreams, it can show relationships with your mother. It’s very important in your birth chart is often referred to as part of your ‘big 3’. There’s a bunch of different things to talk about when diving deeper into the planets of astrology, what house it’s in, if it was in retrograde, what sign it’s in, and for the moon, what phase the moon was in etc. For this article’s purpose, we’ll dive into what each moon sign is like and how to take care of your moon sign. 

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Aries moons are engaging and often very honest. People with Aries moons tend to become easily irritated and offended. Aries’s emotions burn quick and take time to fizzle out. Aries rules the head and muscles so perhaps when fired up you may experience migraines or cramps. Sometimes with these strong emotions, your emotions block you from achieving peace. To nourish your moon sign, practice being still, brush your hair, or have a head massage. 


Taurus moons are truly one of the most creative moon placements. A Taurus, traditionally ruled by Venus, loves to feel beautiful. Taurus moons love feeling comfortable in their environments and with themselves. They are very physical moon signs in the way they are very grounded and sometimes stubborn. A lunar Taurus can find trouble when change comes their way. Nourishing your moon sign is a great way to practice self-love. Taurus rules the throat, so when your moon sign is out of balance you may get ill in your throat. Having a warm cup of tea can do you wonders.


Gemini moons are intellectual and crave depth in their relationships. Lunar Geminis are very curious. Lunar Geminis tend to get bored and can become mischievous. People with Gemini Moons need lots of mental stimulation, so if you’re out of balance you might get brain fog. Nourishing your moon sign can be doing a puzzle, coloring, or painting. Meditate on how you feel rather than how you think. 


The moon is your ruling planet, you experience your world through your emotions. Often lunar Cancers take on the ‘mother’ energy. This allows you to be very empathetic and reliable to others. When thrown out of balance, you can put your worth on how well you can take care of others. Nurturing your moon sign means having an environment where you can take care of yourself. Light candles to balance out your strong waves of emotions. 


Lunar Leo’s are a very powerful placement. The moon is your opposite but it doesn’t hold you back. Lunar Leo Leo moons are creative and love to be in the sunlight. Leo rules the heart so when you’re out of balance, you might feel heartburn. To nurture your moon sign, channel your creative energy to put it on display. Joining a play, selling art, making music. 


Virgo moons are focused and express their emotions through projects and communication. Lunar Virgos can be a bit of a homebody, always looking for a new project. Virgo moons need intellectual conversations and love to learn, definitely more curious than a Virgo sun. To nourish your moon sign drink lots of water and keep your room or environment clean to keep your mind stress-free. 


Libra moons need a sense of fairness. If a lunar Libra doesn’t feel seen or appreciated they tend to become passive-aggressive. Libra moons like harmonious relationships, so if there is tension they become indecisive. When it comes to nourishing your moon sign, practice grounding, carry important crystals that balance energy, dress up even if you aren’t going anywhere fancy. Lunar Libras love to feel beautiful so do whatever makes you feel beautiful. 


Scorpio is the most intense zodiac sign, so with the moon ruling the emotions, Scorpio moons feel every ounce of their feelings. Lunar Scorpios value the truth and love mysteries, so as the mysterious sign sometimes Scorpio moons can keep their emotions tucked away, only trusting very few with your heart. To nourish your emotions, having a cleansed space is very important. Reading mystery novels, crime shows, documentaries, etc. Don’t bottle up your feelings and have a trust system. 


Lunar Sag’s are adventurous and like spending time having fun. Sag moons are a very engaged placement and have lots of hobbies and interests. Lunar Sagittarius wear their heart, and their mind on their sleeves, which is why many feel tense if they have to keep a secret. Sagittarius rules the legs and the hips, so if your emotional needs aren’t being met, you probably aren’t being active which can give you leg cramps. To nourish your heart, go for a walk, spend time in nature and practice mindfulness with yourself. 


Lunar Capricorns are very realistic. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of realism. Cap moons are focused and don’t like to dilly dally in fear of not completing their task. Not to say Capricorn moons aren’t fun, they are very witty but sometimes they tend to get lost in their passions of productivity. To nourish your moon, investing in a planner or some type of goal setting will be helpful. Getting a massage to relax can also do wonders, and finally, take a break and have fun! Don’t miss out, that project will be waiting for you when you get back.


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of chaos, sudden change, and news. This means that your emotions can change very quickly without any reason. Aquarius is a sign of innovation and can become a bit of a rebel without a cause. Trying to go above human emotions, you can become detached. To nourish your moon sign, do some charity work, volunteer, and help your community. Feeling important to society helps soothe your soul. 


As a native water sign, you feel your emotions in bursts of creativity. As a Pisces, you’re a daydreamer at heart. You tend to find unique ways to create peaceful escapism, away from reality. Innocent, compassionate, and creative you can always find a bright side. If there is a lot happening in your life, you can become drained and want to find an escape, nourish your moon sign, make sure to have emotional boundaries, and spend time with friends of similar interest.