Wordle Takes Over

Word game becomes a favorite on campus

Wordle has more than 300,000 daily players.

Sydney Davis

Wordle has more than 300,000 daily players.

Sydney Davis, Reporter

Wordle is the newest and fastest-growing word game from 2021-2022. Created in October 2021 by Josh Wardle and bought by the New York Times in December 2021, Wordle has quickly taken over as part of many players’ daily routines. Now that it’s free, there are over 300,000 daily players, growing from the former average 90 in November 2021. 

Here at Liberty, we have many avid Wordle players. Both teachers and students play daily. 

Ms. Steinbruegge mentioned that Wordle was her daily stress reliever. She wakes up every morning by checking the news and playing the daily Wordle. 

“About a month ago after I saw somebody tweet about the word game Wordle, and I was like oh is that so I went and found it and I have played every day since,” she said.

Mr. Schaper disclosed that Wordle just seemed like a current craze. He stated that Mr. Stoll found out about the game first, and so then he had to go and see if he was any good at playing, or if he was better at it than him.

Some of Liberty’s students have begun joining in the fun, such as junior Morgan Voyles who said that she started playing Wordle because her friend told her about it, and then later heard that it was currently a really popular game. 

In regards to how it affects your daily life, junior Brooke Suftko stated that “It adds frustration to my daily life.”