Are There More Doors Or Wheels In The World?

Twitter users are taking sides on whether there are more doors or wheels in the world


Kaylin Schwandner

The wheels vs. doors debate has become very popular on Twitter and among other platforms.

Kaylin Schwandner, Reporter

Doors or wheels? That is the question. 

A debate on whether there are more wheels or doors has taken the internet by storm. 

If you aren’t on Twitter or TikTok, you may be confused, but it’s true. This discussion has divided the platform into two sides, wheels or doors. The debate has gotten very technical to the point where users who are on the doors side of the debate are arguing how skyscrapers and hotels have hundreds, and wheels users are pointing out everyday items like suitcases, bicycles, and cars. 

The debate started becoming popular when Twitter user Ryan Nixon posted a poll a few weeks ago asking: “Do you think there are more doors or wheels in the world?”  

More than 223,000 people voted in the poll, with wheels beating doors. 

Many people at our school also have their own opinions. Sophomore Zoey Arnold is team wheels because, “You got to think about Hotwheels, hinges on doors that have wheels in them, literally everything that moves has some type of wheel in them.”

Others sophomores, like Grace Richardson who is team doors, explain, “Kitchens have cabinets and you got to think about all of the dressers and nightstands too.”

There is also another debate about what makes something a door or wheel? People are wondering what technically counts.  

Some people are very sure about their opinions on the debate.

“There are no Team Wheels and Team Doors. That is a fundamental misunderstanding of this situation we find ourselves in. There is a Team Wheels, and then there is a Team People Who are Mistaken,” author John Green said on TikTok. 

Whether you are team doors or team wheels at the end of the day, this is just a lighthearted debate. What side are you on?

Are you team wheels or team doors?


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