Wheeler Named Support Staff Of The Year

Mr. Wheeler wins Support Staff of the Year

Kaylee Clay and Jaxon Drezek


Liz Hayes

Mr. Wheeler accepts his Support Staff of the Year gift.

Abigail Maronic, Reporter

Mr. Dan Wheeler is the heart of the school at Liberty High School. Always a lending hand and supportive worker, he’s goes out of his way to help however and whoever. Wheeler was announced as LHS Support Staff of the Year on March 29 in front of the faculty.

“Every single person in this building is special; it’s just one big family so i’m very very appreciative for this award,” Wheeler said about the award. 

Wheeler has been at Liberty since it opened in 2013. He started as a substitute for the district, the year after he was a permanent Liberty sub and the year after was asked to officially work here.

“On the first day I subbed here I knew I wanted to work here,” Wheeler said. 

Wheeler’s official job title is building instructional assistant, however, he’s also an educational support specialist, head freshman baseball coach, entertainment coordinator, administrative liaison and a learning environment analyst.

His favorite part of Liberty is the people he gets to work with and around every day and having a different schedule every day.

“Liberty. It’s just home for me it finally feels like I’m where I’m supposed to be in my life,” sophomore Bella Oldani said. ”Even though he’s not a teacher, he has taught me so many life lessons.”

Wheeler is what makes Liberty a safe space for most. He brings light to everyone’s day and supports anyone in the best way he can. He is always a positive person to be around and makes everyone feel included.