A Checklist For The Summer

Here’s a list of activities to do this summer


Elaine Thimyan

A checklist of things you can do this summer.

Elaine Thimyan, Reporter

With less than a month away from the seniors’ last day, the weather getting warmer and end-of-the-year events starting, everyone is getting excited about summer. At the start of summer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. All of a sudden you have all this free time. Don’t fret, here’s a list of things to do and see this summer. 

Light show at Union Station. 

Union Station in St. Louis has light shows in the main lobby with beautiful displays of their ceiling and architecture. At Union Station, they also have the new aquarium, and if you walk outside the east door by the aquarium you can go down the street to Build-a-Bear. You can also relax and look at all of Union Station. 

The Muny

The Muny always has free seats. While you’re waiting for the show you can tour around the grounds of The Muny. The shows for the 2022 season are as follows. Each musical’s synopsis will be linked. 

Chicago June 13-19

Camelot June 22-28

Mary Poppins July 5-13

Sweeney Todd July 16-22

Legally Blonde July 25-31

The Color Purple Aug 3-9

Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Aug 12-18 

One of Liberty’s own eagles, Anna Wright, is part of Muny Teens and will be performing in Legally Blonde, so make sure to go out and support her!

Watch a sunrise/set

There are plenty of parks around to wake up early and watch the sunrise. You can also go and stargaze at Broemmelsiek Park in their observation area. 

Have Fun Around Town 

Some of the more fun options to do this summer include going to places such as the City Museum, the Science Center and The Magic House, and the Botanical Garden. Who says you’re too old to still play with the bubbles in the magic house or ride down the 10-story slide at the City Museum?  Fun little fact, The movie Encanto hired botanical expert, Dr. Felipe Zapata who went to UMSL, University of Missouri St. Louis, and used the research he found there as a way to accurately portray the plants of Columbia. 

Take a family portrait

You can go to JCPenney and book a session to get your picture taken with your friends. It may be on the pricier side depending on what you decide to get but it would be well worth it, especially if you have senior friends moving away. 

Eat Out Late 

There are plenty of places that are open late. A few places are IHOP, Dennys, and Waffle House. Grab a few friends and go to a restaurant and enjoy having the place to yourself, usually. 

Farmers Market 

Farmers markets can be lively places. The most local farmers market is the one that comes to The Meadows every Saturday. They have early hours though so make sure to wake up early! There are others that you can find by looking online. 

See a movie… outside 

Finally, on our list is to watch a movie outside. For the original experience, you can still go to drive-in movie theaters. Most of them require a bit of driving, but it’s a super fun experience and the food isn’t half bad either. Just make sure the weather will be nice. You can also get a projector and a white sheet to watch a movie in your own backyard. Have a fire going, get some beanbags and relax with your friends as you watch your favorite comfort movie.