Boys Tennis Team Crushes GACs

Tennis team strives toward qualifying for state after winning conference


photo courtesy of LHS tennis

The boy’s tennis team huddles to chant after receiving medals and the GAC champion title plaque.

Emily Barnett, Reporter

The boys tennis team has made it a long way since the start of the season and has big hopes to inch their way to state after winning their recent South Division GACS Conference championship title.

Tennis GACS was held at Francis Howell Central High School on April 27-28. The team prepared for their matches on Monday by working on three rotations of singles play scenarios. On Tuesday, the athletes worked three rounds of doubles play scenarios.

GACS started with 1-5 doubles and 7 and 8 singles. The first round of singles was also added to the schedule due to weather conditions.

“GACS is a great event that allows the tennis players to showcase their skills/talents and it’s grown throughout the season,” said Coach Campos.

Although the athletes earn their points individually in their flights, it all adds up to the overall team score. Those who finish top 3 are awarded medals, which is always rewarding after all the hard work that goes into those wins.

Aiden Moore along with his teammate Jess Rhodes got second place in #5 doubles.

“I thought the event was fun, it was difficult but we made it through to the finals,” Moore said.

The boys have had an overall good season this year, with struggles at the beginning leading to a successful winning streak as a team and individually.

“The season has been good, had our bumps earlier, but with guys stepping up in GACs has given the team the boost to make this postseason run towards qualifying for state,” Campos said.

Rafay Cheema #1 Player (1st place in #1 doubles and #1 singles)

Alex Meyer # 2 Player  (1st place in #1 doubles and #2 singles)

Tyler Gonzalaz (3rd place in #3 singles) 

Andy Schraudenbach & Carson Clay (2nd place in #4 Doubles)

Aiden Moore & Jess Rhodes (2nd place in #5 Doubles)

Sam Arrington (2nd place in #5 singles)

Eli Bartek (3rd place in #6 singles)