Games Com 2022 Overview

Games Com was live streamed recently, revealing new games and updates



Gamescon is a gaming event that took place Aug. 24-28 where new games are revealed.

Taylor Koehnemann, Reporter

A little over a week ago, Gamescom 2022 opening night took place with a large plethora of games revealing new updates on the game, even brand new games, and so much more. The games varied several categories and genres with action, adventure, survival, multiplayer, and many more. This huge event was live streamed from several different platforms, and with many fans watching worldwide, this event was surely a ride of excitement.

There were several online games that were revealed and featured at the event including; “Everywhere”: an open world online game where you choose your story and create a character with depth and story and what you want to create and build as a community which is a very bold and original vision for a game. Next is “Moving Out 2”: an online puzzle game where your objective is to move furniture out of puzzling homes with teamwork and skill. Next is “Goat Simulator 3”: the third installment to the wacky, goofy, random world of Goat Simulator with more characters, a bigger world and new missions. There will be endless fun along with an online mode where you can play minigames and do lots of activities with friends and other gamers.

Another huge chunk of the games were the story games with the first one being “Dune Awakening”: an open world survival game based off the Dune movie back from 2021 getting its own spin off survival game. Next is “Lords Of The Fallen”: a dark fantasy world where the main character is a surviving knight in a monster filled world trying to defeat a dark queen. Next is “Hogwarts Legacy”: A brand new game for Harry Potter fans where you take on the role of a Hogwarts student and make your own path on an original journey as well as it being an open world game.

Another new game revealed was another installment into the Borderlands series called “New Tales From The Borderlands”: this is set in the separated anarchy society, with a new, original story and even a variety of fighting types the game will use to keep variation for the players. Finally is “Sonic Frontiers”: the newest addition to the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise with an open world where Sonic has lost his friends and must search in the new Starfall Islands. The game has included new fighting skills for the Blue Hedgehog, and with a release date of Nov. 8.

There were many other amazing and fun games revealed during Gamescom. These were only a few of the games revealed from the event. Along with the opening night, there were many playable demos for some of the brand new games and many more activities to do. So be sure to check out some of these games when they release.