Warner Bros. Discovery Disaster


Taylor Koehnemann

The Warner Bros. collab with Discovery has gone terribly wrong.

Taylor Koehnemann, Reporter

Recently, a collaboration between the entertainment companies Warner Bros. and Discovery made a big move to work together and rebrand the streaming service HBO Max. This started out positive and unfortunately went in a downward spiral for fans everywhere. Movies were canceled, TV shows were canceled, and even things were taken off the platform. 

Diving into the canceled projects, one of the first movies that were canceled was “Batgirl,” a spin-off movie for the female variant of Batman. As this being one of the first projects canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery, it wasn’t very alarming to many people at first to most people until more things were put to the side. The next move for Warner Bros. Discovery was for them to start talking about completely removing HBO Max with talks about replacing it. Soon after this was revealed to the public fans and people who enjoyed the streaming service were scared and unhappy with the choice and this spread like wildfire amongst film lovers across the internet.

This was only the start to the troubles amongst Warner Bros. Discovery. One of the biggest parts of Warner Bros. was the surrounding controversy about Ezra Miller’s Flash and the DC movies. Currently, a lot of actors from the Justice League in the DC movies have quit; Ezra Miller has committed several crimes and because of this, the fans do not want him as the DCEU Flash. The directors of the DCEU movies have created a “10-year plan” for the movies. This has yet to be used or started, but fans are optimistic about this. On the other hand, the movie “The Flash” with Ezra Miller was intended to come out this year, but Warner Bros. Discovery brought him back before they could cancel the movie. This choice has fans feeling mixed. Later, Ezra Miller apologized for the commotion he created.

Coming up to the more recent actions of Warner Bros. Discovery. They recently shut down two projects that were being worked on at Warner Bros. One of those projects was “Batman: Caped Crusader,” which was a reboot of “Batman: The Animated Series.” The next canceled project was “Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Toons Musical,” which was only announced a few weeks before the cancellation. Along with this the company behind the Godzilla movies; “Legendary” has thought about leaving Warner Bros. with knowledge of all of the new drama amongst the company and moving towards Sony Pictures or Paramount Productions, possibly moving their current movie in the works to that company as well.

This has all taken a wild turn on Warner Bros. Discovery and this is only the beginning of this. Will Warner Bros. Discovery come back or will it only go downwards from here?