A Sense of Freedom

Kate Broussard shares her rock climbing experience


Provided by Kate Broussard

Kate Broussard climbs on a level V6 wall at Upper Limits in Chesterfield.

Meghan Lynch, Reporter

When you think of sports, usually what comes to mind is football, soccer, or basketball. Kate Broussard thinks of something a little different.

Kate started rock climbing a little over a year ago, and throughout the months, it’s become a big part of her life. She says, “I feel so free. I just love it.”

Kate spends two days a week at Upper Limits in Chesterfield doing a special type of rock climbing: bouldering. Bouldering is climbing on small rock formations or artificial rock walls without any harnesses or ropes. It’s a complicated and difficult form of rock climbing. Kate herself says that she’s even had panic attacks while she’s on the wall. With time, however, she’s learned how to overcome her fears, becoming a quick thinker and problem solver.

Rock climbing has also helped Kate with her confidence. She says, “It makes me feel strong not just physically, but also mentally, which plays a big part in my confidence.” Rock climbing is a mental game, and the more confident you are in yourself and your abilities, the farther you can go.  

Kate also has a big group of supporters behind her, even if she scares them sometimes. Kate’s mom, Bryn Broussard, was a little apprehensive to let her daughter pursue climbing at first. 

Kate Broussard rock climbs in Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas. (Provided by Kate Broussard)

“In the beginning, I was almost too nervous to let her climb. It took everything not to grab her off the wall and leave.” Kate’s mom has been a part of her rock climbing journey since the start. She’s seen Kate fall time and time again, but Bryn knows that her daughter is better because of the challenge. 

Another thing we can add to Kate’s list of accomplishments is climbing at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, Nevada. She describes the experience as adventurous and exciting. 

“It was my first experience with climbing outside, so it was a big challenge, but very fun,” Kate says. Kate recalls the sunset and the way the wind blew against her as she scaled the rocks, and how freeing it felt to climb outside in such a beautiful area.

The adventure and sense of freedom Kate gets from climbing pushes her to be better and to work harder. No matter how many times she falls, she gets back up. Bryn says, “She sits up and stares at the wall, gets her breath back, and tries again.”

Kate is determined and will do anything to reach her goals, in all aspects of her life.