Fall Fashion 2022

Fall is finally making its way here. What fall fashion trends are going around this season?


New fashion trends for the fall season are finally here.

Bryleigh Conley, Reporter

As we enter fall, the weather is finally cooling down, which also means new fashion trends. Each year fashion has something new in store for us, just like last year; and of course thanks to the help of social media outlets like TikTok and Instagram, we can rely on more to come this year.

As well as the new trends for this year, there are going to be a few trends that will continue to stick around from last year. A few things that were popular last year were definitely sweaters, but also tops with graphic designs, pleated skirts, and wide legged pants. For shoes, platformed boots were also very popular, as well as colors like creams, browns, burnt/dark oranges, and dark and pale greens.

For this year, not only will there be new items, but also the same items, just different styles. A few ways can be: instead of pleated skirts, maxi (long) skirts are in this year, which can be paired with a pair of Dr. Martens and a sweater. Oversized jackets and vests are also becoming popular this season. 

Enough with tops and bottoms, how about this season’s accessories? Accessories are here to help tie the whole outfit together, whether it be something small and dainty or something big and heavy. Some you could see this season are leg warmers, tote bags, scarves, hats, and jewelry.

Here at Liberty there are many different styles and clothing items that students wear. Austyn VanBuren, a junior, tends to fill her fall wardrobe with jeans, graphic tees, mesh tops, and “definitely jeans and sweaters,” all while taking a more fashionable side to it.

“It makes me feel better if I dress up,” claims VanBuren. Aside from a fashionable wardrobe, Hela Hasan, also a junior, likes to stay comfy with a cozy and warm style. “During the fall I love wearing sweaters and oversized things,” said Hasan.

As much as everyone loves choosing what clothing to wear, there’s always that question of, what shoes can be styled with this? There are many options of shoes to wear with your fall outfit but the most popular are either Converse or boots.

“Boots are a must for fall, whether it’s ankle boots or long boots,” described Hasan.

Last but not least comes accessories.

“When I wear sweaters I always like to wear my hoops with my sweater, it just like, bumps my outfit up to another level,” said Hasan. A few other popular accessories are side bags and beanies.

And just for fun, almost everyone has something they want to do during the fall season, whether that be making a fall themed checklist, eating candy apples, having fun trying to figure out your way through a corn maze, or even just watching movies.