On the Ice: Liberty’s First Hockey Team

The JV Liberty hockey team is off to a fast start of the season and currently stands in first place in their division


submitted by Jude Bill

As the referee drops the puck, Jude Bill attempts to win a faceoff against an opponent in a game earlier this season.

Brooke Lawson, Reporter

When you walk the halls of Liberty do you ever see students wearing a blue or white jersey? The JV hockey players wear their jerseys every day they have a game.

When you ask the players what made them want to play for Liberty, almost all of their answers are because they wanted to represent their school.

Junior varsity is the only hockey team Liberty has. This is the first year we’ve had only one hockey team and they are off to a strong start in the Mid States Club Hockey Association. The team’s record is 5-2-1 on the season so far, and in first place in the St. Charles Division with 11 points. Lucas Kempf leads the team with 10 goals and 13 points.

Jude Bill (who wears number 6) is a freshman and just joined the team this year. The reason why he wanted to join was because he wanted to play for his school and make memories with his friends and teammates. Before every game, Bill stretches and gets prepared before he has to play.

“I stretch before every game and listen to music,” Bill said.

After each win, Bill goes back into the locker room and celebrates by listening to music and talking to his teammates about the game. “I feel excited and proud and after the games we celebrate in the locker room by listening to music,” he said.

After a game, Bill and his teammates talk to their coach about what they need to work on and what they did well.

“The coach has a talk with us in the locker room about what we did well and what we can work on to make us a better team,” Bill said.

Zachary Pruss (number 26) is a freshman who started playing for Liberty this year. Pruss decided he wanted to join because he has been playing hockey his whole life. He is second on the team with 8 points, tied with teammate Lance Feagans.

Pruss stretches before each game and he listens to music. When he wins a game, his teammates and him celebrate by listening to music, laughing, and having a good time.

“We’re all in a good mood sitting with each other playing music,” Pruss said.

If the team loses a game, everyone is upset and the coach talks to Pruss and his teammates about what they did well but mostly what they should work on before the next game.

The next JV game is on Sunday, Dec. 18 at 7:15 p.m. against Oakville Black JV at the Recplex North.


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