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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Spanish Teacher Creates Safe and Fun Environment   

Every teacher has a backstory, so what is Gremingers?
Janelle Alvarez
Mrs. Greminger explains the material to her students in her Spanish 2 class.

Some people say teachers have the greatest impact on a kid’s life. But for Mrs. Greminger, it’s more than having an impact on their life, it’s creating an encouraging environment.

Greminger is a Spanish teacher and has been teaching for 19 years. What got her into teaching though? What created that spark?

Everyone always told her how great of a teacher she would be, but it wasn’t until high school where she started learning Spanish. It all started from her great grandparents, as they were from Spain, and her grandma spoke Spanish. Even though Greminger didn’t know how to speak Spanish, the heritage influenced her to learn.

So at the age of 21, she started her career as a Spanish teacher.

For many people though, the job of being a teacher seems stressful and a lot of work, so what’s a good thing about teaching for Greminger?

“The best part of my job is working with the students,” Greminger said. “I enjoy the enthusiasm and perspectives of the teenagers; my job is never boring,” Greminger said.

Although the job may be stressful sometimes, it keeps teachers like Greminger on the edge of their seats, always something happening to keep them occupied and busy.

I have learned that every day is a fresh start. I have learned that if students know that you genuinely care about them, then they will learn in your class.

— Mrs. Greminger, Spanish teacher

Everyone always has a “what if,” in their life, so what if Greminger didn’t start teaching? Would there be another career she would have settled for or is there something she dreams of doing? 

“I really don’t know. I had teachers in high school tell me I should be a teacher, and I’ve been teaching so long that I cannot imagine a life outside of being a teacher,” Greminger said. She loves teaching and doesn’t know what she would do other than teaching.

Greminger has allowed her passion for teaching to create this safe and fun environment for her students and they have learned to enjoy her class, and they are able to communicate with her and express themselves in her class.

“The best part about having Mrs. Greminger as a teacher is her understanding and open-mindedness,” sophomore Rathi Thiagarajan said. “Whenever you are in her class, it doesn’t feel stressful in any way, and she creates such a positive environment to let us learn. She is like a friend more than a teacher really.”

After years of doing something, most people learn a lesson that drives them every day. For Greminger, 19 years of teaching has allowed her to learn an inspiring, meaningful lesson. “I have learned that every day is a fresh start. I have learned that if students know that you genuinely care about them, then they will learn in your class.  I always treat my students how I would want a teacher to treat my daughters,” Greminger said.

Sometimes the thought of being a teacher may seem stressful, but there’s always something new to expect, for Greminger teaching is a passion, one that she wouldn’t change for anything. 

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About the Contributor
Janelle Alvarez, Reporter
Janelle Alvarez is a sophomore who is originally from Texas. She moved to Missouri in December 2022. This is her first year in journalism and first full school year at Liberty. She is very creative and works hard. She is working as a lifeguard and does swim lessons. She loved spending time with friends and family. In the future she is hoping to pursue something in the medical field, or business. 

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