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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Finding Your Place: Democracy in Action

Max Calfo, one of District 108’s State House candidates, shares how he went from teaching to campaigning
Kylie Brennan
Max Calfo stands outside of Liberty’s main entrance having just finished subbing for Mr. Purcell’s math class.

When you were younger, and you were asked what you wanted to be, did you answer as an astronaut? Maybe a doctor or an actor? As we grew up some of us changed that answer thousands of times, and even now as we are nearing the end of our high school career we are still being asked this question. Many people leave high school knowing where they want to be, what they want to do. But for those of us that still have no clue, I hope that reading these articles might help you slim down those possibilities. Here’s to making our younger selves proud.

Max Calfo is not only a State House candidate in the Aug. 6, 2024 Republican Primary election, he is also a substitute teacher here at Liberty. Calfo attended Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn., earning his bachelor’s degree in history and his masters in teaching. He began teaching in New Jersey and Connecticut and eventually here in Wentzville all before launching his campaign back on Sept. 12, 2023. 

Many of us here at Liberty have had him as a substitute teacher this year. “He is easily the best substitute I’ve had,” sophomore Kai Doyle said. “Every time he has come into one of my classes, he will tell us to give him a certain year and he will be able to list off random events that happened.” 

Another student, Alivia Jennings, is impressed with his memory and all of the fun facts he knows. 

“You could tell him a country and he could name something that is going on in that country right now,” Jennings said. He is well liked by our student body and even teaches the classes how to write their name in Arabic.

I may not be a Midwesterner by birth, but I am a Midwesterner by choice.

— Max Calfo

Calfo is currently running for State House candidate for District 108, having been born in New York and grew up in Connecticut. He wanted to move to the midwest for years, viewing it as the American ideal. Calfo stated, “I may not be a Midwesterner by birth, but I am a Midwesterner by choice.” 

After the events on 9/11, Calfo’s eyes were opened to the world.

 “In 2009, I realized our national debt would be the defining issue of our times, as no other threat but massive inflation had the potential to completely upend American life. I wanted to go into politics because I believe we need to cut spending in a fair manner, without punishing Americans who’ve lived responsibly, and I have ideas on how we can accomplish that.” 

Calfo believes that a good politician listens two times as much as he speaks and has a good moral compass. He shares advice to those who want to one day be where he is.

 “After you graduate high school or college, apply to intern for some politicians you respect and don’t be discouraged when most of them don’t respond,” Calfo said. He also suggests taking history courses as, for him, it gave him a better understanding of humanity than any law or political science classes. Before one would launch their campaign, he suggests, to have sufficient experience in the field and thoroughly plan beforehand, that this “preparation pays off.” Before deciding to launch his own campaign, he previously worked in the U.S. Congress, for Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, and as a teacher for some years. Calfo decided to launch a campaign discovering what he believes were “serious wrongdoings” of his opponent, Justin Hicks.

Calfo is running to improve “public safety, education and fiscal discipline without raising taxes.” He is teaching and sharing his wisdom with high school students in the Wentzville area and chasing his goals. Calfo stated, “I’ll serve the people of Lake Saint Louis, Dardenne Prairie, and western O’Fallon in the State House for as long as they want me in the job.” Calfo shared how he got to where he is and gave advice on how one could get there too and he leaves us with this statement, “If elected to the legislature, I promise I will make you proud.”

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About the Contributor
Kylie Brennan
Kylie Brennan, Reporter
Kylie Brennan is a junior and a part of the magazine staff this year, having previously been in journalism. Kylie loves the theater arts and recently joined Earth Club as well. She is very excited for this year and hopes to make as many memories and accomplishments as possible!

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    Liberty Student | Dec 14, 2023 at 9:22 am

    Mr. Calfo is so intelligent, and definitely my favorite sub! Great article!