Showcasing Liberty

The latest addition to the trophy case represents more than just athletes.


Jessica Gibson

The new photo display exhibits students from various clubs and organizations.

Brooke Huffman, Reporter

Walking into school, you may have noticed a new addition to the trophy case.

Courtesy of Mr. Weis, Ms. Wilke, Mr. Eldredge and Dr. Kiely, a recent photo display has been put together to showcase Liberty students.  Pictures were selected from student photographers such as sophomore Julia Fallert and junior Eric Mason that displayed a wide variety of activities here at Liberty.

“It’s really cool to finally have something I’m passionate about published to where everybody can see,” Fallert said.

The trophy case was primarily focused on athletic students, but since the addition of the photo display many more students are represented. Showcasing activities such as band, choir, even everyday classes gives students an opportunity to be seen.

“So when it came time to choosing from hundreds of photographs Dr. Kiely and I, along with Mrs. Wilke and Mr. Eldredge, made sure that the display represented a very wide swath of Liberty students, and it was not just supposed to be athletes,” Weis said. “ Yes, the trophy case for the last six years has represented the athletic achievements, but we wanted to make sure we took into consideration the different parts of the school like clubs and activities and try not to necessarily concentrate the display on athletic achievements, but just overall achievements throughout the building.”

The display is part of a larger project, the rebranding of Liberty High School. As our school grows, the amount of clubs and activities grow as well, which are just as much a part of Liberty as any sport.

“As we began to rebrand ourselves, which is really what we’re doing right now, the display is just one indication of what we’re trying to do, which is to serve all of the students in this building.” Weis. said. “One of the reasons I’m very proud of that display is because of the variety of students shown. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and the athletes, kids in classrooms, these photos tell the whole story of who we are.”

Sophomore Abby Shields, whose photo appears in the display, was happily surprised when her friend pointed her out.

“I made so many amazing memories in band last year, and seeing that picture every day reminds me of all the fun that we had.” Shields said.

The display, located in the trophy case at the front of the school, is really just the beginning in this new era of Liberty, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.