Is Fortnite Really Worth the Hype?

Is this “free” game worth the money?


artwork by Sara Bailey

Parents often give money to kids for v bucks in a game that is already free. V bucks can be spent on skins and emotes.

Michael Gannon, Reporter

Fortnite has been gaining a lot of force and season six is upon us. Nobody thought that it would make it this far. But Fortnite has strategically laid out its program to keep it alive.

They also commercialize it to kids, because kids are more likely to play this “FREE” game.

“It has great graphics,” freshman Diego Rocha-Gonzales said.

The game is more focused to the youth of our nation. But is it really worth it?

Social studies teacher Mr. Walterbach has played Fortnite and heard of how much money has been spent.

“There are better things to do with your time,” Walterbach said.

This “free” game isn’t really free when you have to spend V bucks which cost real money and there really is no way for you obtain V bucks. Which is not really kid friendly because kids can steal their parents credit cards and money.

Fortnite has very much found this way around this block of it being free and also not free at all. The game has also changed a lot and had some troubles.

The game has evolved since June 2017. They have had five seasons and have almost made more money than Minecraft, which was one of the most fastest grossing games.

People spend their money on skins they don’t even need. In Fortnite, there is an item shop where you can buy skins. At the bottom of the screen it says buying skins does not affect any outcome of the game. But it still does not stop people from buying skins and emotes ranging from 1 to 20 dollars.

The way you can buy skins is in the vbucks store and they are in very sedimentary and you can’t pick the right amount you want.

Freshman David Richards states that v bucks should be a little more available to people and with a little more amount of diversity in range of charging for v bucks.

Yet we don’t say anything about it. Make sure the next time you play this deceptive program. Play responsibly and smartly.