‘Sister’ James Charles

Youtube sensation, makeup artist and model James Charles is becoming more and more popular.


YouTube sensation and makeup guru James Charles is known for opening each of his videos with his catchphrase, ‘Hi sisters!’

Olivia Diel, Reporter

The 19-year-old, first male Covergirl is blowing up on many platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

There is no doubt that James Charles is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite “sister”, as he calls himself, his friends and his fans.

With more than eight million Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers, he photographs and posts his looks everyday and his recent Instagram post on Sept. 11 has reached nearly two million likes.

In the post, Charles has a “northern lights” makeup look and is thanking his supporters for eight million Instagram followers.

Charles isn’t the only one who has a mass growing fan base. His younger brother, 16-year-old Ian Jeffery, is also beginning to rise to the top.

Jeffery is an Instagrammer soaking up his older brothers fame with nearly one and a half million Instagram followers.

Jeffery posted his first Youtube video called ‘STEALING JAMES CHARLES CAREER’ on the debut of his new Youtube channel created on July 29.

Since then, he has make two videos and has gained over 600,000 subscribers.

Charles has an entire season called ‘brother and sister’ filmed with Jeffery.

Charles has renewed ‘brother and sister’ for a second season, the first episode of the new season was uploaded to youtube Sept. 17.

The new video already has three million views.

The ever so famous group the “sister squad” consisting of Charles and Youtubers Emma Chamberlain and Ethan and Grayson Dolan, who are known by the the Dolan Twins, have also become recently popular.

Freshman Mia Hernandez enjoys watching Chamberlain and the Dolan Twins.

“Oh my gosh, I love them all,” Hernandez said.

Freshman Kaydence Morgan also is a frequent watcher of Chamberlain and the Dolan Twins.

“They are my favorite, I love them so much,” Morgan said.

Although James Charles is a makeup artist, he also makes videos on more topics such as pet peeves, singing hate comments, growing up and even talking about how to deal with back to school.

Charles’ creative makeup and positive attitude has teens everywhere intrigued in what he’s doing next.

With new videos on Youtube twice a week, Charles never fails to amuse his audience.

Freshman Jordan Stevens is inspired by James Charles.

“I think James is a wonderful guy who has amazing talent,” Stevens said. “He has taught me to never give up on my dreams and to keep moving forward. He is my inspiration and someone I look up to.”

Obviously, students are crazy for this world famous ‘sister’.