Venomous Rebirth

Sony re-enters the scene with their movie Venom.

Sruthi Ramesh, Reporter

With the immense success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney has defined what a superhero movie should entail.

Ten years ago, as long as the CGI of the movie looked realistic enough, and the acting and plot made enough sense, a Superhero movie could be considered a success. But when you compare Sony Pictures’ two Spider-Man franchises to today’s top runners, the general public would most likely choose the latter. Until Venom.

Tom Hardy (who plays Eddie Brock) gives his own comedic take on this character, adding his sarcasm and his willingness to get to the bottom of the story at all times. And almost immediately after Eddie Brock and his parasite reach Symbiosis, Venom is whispering verbal abuses into his hosts’ brain, evoking laughter from the audience.

The Symbiote’s personality can only be described as a “very very very very murderous baby.” At one point in the movie, Venom rattles out “Eyes! Lungs! Pancreas! So many snacks, so little time!” at the sight of people.

The looks of Venom, don’t disappoint either. The grotesque bodies of the symbiotes are a wonderfully-slimy CGI wonder. We actually see Venom, not just a Spidey-Suit version of him (*insert side-glance at Spider-Man 3.)

And to add even more to the plot, we get to see a more evil version of Elon Musk who is trying to send humans onto another planet! Exciting, right?

But the real question is, “Will Venom be our new favorite Anti-Hero?” Well when it’s compared to the likes of Deadpool, the answer is without a doubt, as of now, “No.”

The whole movie seems to ride along as a montage, with the climax not feeling final enough to signal the “final battle.” And the ending itself didn’t seem final enough to finish the plot up, but didn’t feel like it left people wanting to know what happens next. This is also due to the fact that we don’t get to see too much character development or even an answer to why the main character acts like a total jerk to his fiance in the first place.

Though it’s no Infinity War or Wonder Woman, Venom has really shown that Sony is capable of making a good Super-villain, and to not underestimate them.

Overall, Venom is a fun-filled movie that has great graphics, and some casual munching off of people’s’ heads that will sure to entertain people as long as you don’t look too deep into the plot.