Astroworld Coming to STL

Previewing the arrival of Travis Scott


Nick Howard

Local fans of Travis Scott are talking about the upcoming concert.

Nick Howard, Reporter

For the second time ever, rapper Travis Scott will be performing a show in St. Louis at the Enterprise Center on Feb. 18. After dropping his most recent album, Astroworld, Scott is one of the top artists in the world who will be coming off of a Super Bowl halftime performance.

His fans at Liberty have mostly been a fan of his for quite some time. Senior Brandon Spies heard him first from a post on twitter that had one of his old songs called “Skyfall” which led him to the songs’ mixtape art.

“The mixtape cover looked cool to me so I checked it out. After that Travis immediately became one of my favorite artists,” Spies said.

Travis Scott was born in Houston, Texas and started making music at the age of 16 while he was in high school. He dropped out of college as a sophomore to pursue a music career and wasn’t having much success until he moved in with his friend at the University of Southern California. He made music at the university until he was noticed by big time rappers such as T.I. and Kanye West.

After that he released two mixtapes titled “Owl Pharaoh” and “Days Before Rodeo.” He then released three albums that all became hits in the span of four years known as “Rodeo,” “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight,” and his most recent album “Astroworld.”

His first show was performed at the Pageant back in 2017 when he was on his “Birds Eye View” tour. Going from the Pageant to the Enterprise Center is a huge step up as he is going from a live-music theater to an arena.

Senior Kyle Schill went to Scott’s first concert and it was an event that he will never forget.

“The way he kept the crowd bumping to every song made the night truly amazing,” Schill said.

Now that his show this year is less than a month away, many people are truly excited for what Travis Scott can bring to the “Show Me State”. Having a concert in a filled arena should have a performance like St. Louis hasn’t seen before and make it memorable.

Senior Jenna Parmentier didn’t see his last concert and is excited to see what it’s like to experience his crazy performances live.

“I can’t wait to see him live and just enjoy my time at the concert,” Parmentier said.

As of Feb. 4, tickets are still available online if you want to go to the performance. Travis Scott is already well known for his live performances at concerts. When Feb. 18 comes, the Enterprise Center will have a night that will contain a load of goosebumps.