Make It Yours

Seniors personalize their parking spots


Kaela Romine

Sarah Rowley and her friend design her parking spot.

Kaela Romine, Reporter

The Liberty parking lot is huge filled with teachers and students. Every parking spot looks exactly the same. You can only tell which parking spot is yours by the number at the front of the spot. 

This year seniors have the opportunity to paint their parking spot to give it a little spice and make it your own for $20.

Now you don’t have to have the struggle of finding your parking spot everyday. If you are interested in painting your spot, you have the opportunity to sign up at lunch or during AI.

Students will be able to paint their parking spot on Saturday, Sept. 7 or the 14. 

This is a creative fundraiser by NHS. 

“NHS paints the base layer white and then the students get their design approved to paint,” NHS sponsor Mrs. Hallemeier said.

Seniors’ Sarah Rowley and her friend, Lexi Bentley, took advantage of the great weather and decided to paint Rowley’s parking spot on Sept. 14.

Sarah Rowley paints initials on her parking spot.

“I’m painting a geometric shape pattern with my name at the bottom,” Rowley said. “I guess it’s just very therapeutic.” 

Seniors are super excited to be able to paint their parking spot this year. It’s a great way to be creative and have fun with your friends.