Driver’s Ed. Has Free Car Wash

Students learn basic maintenance and car care


Abby Jordan

Freshman Francesca Aquino and other driver’s ed. students take their time while washing their teachers’ cars on Sept. 20.

Charley Orf , Reporter

Mrs. Kleiber’s driver’s education class was learning about basic maintenance and car care and they decided to create a fun activity and have a car wash during school. 

Kleiber sent an email out the staff asking if anyone was interested in having their car washed for free on Sept. 20.

“The list filled up quicker than I expected and was overwhelmed with the response,” Kleiber said. The class washed eight cars total:  two minivans, two small vehicles, two sedans, an SUV and a truck.

Freshman Lilly Goodwin was one of the students who participated and thinks it was a success. 

“We learned how to take care of our vehicles properly,” Goodwin said. She says she had fun and she liked it a lot. 

“It made me feel good, made me feel like I was doing something good for someone else,” Goodwin said.  

Mr. Barker is one of the many teachers that got his car washed.

“As a teacher you don’t have the time for things like washing your car, so this is really convenient for those affected by this,” Barker said.  

He thinks the students learned some useful life skills and learned the value of hard work while it might also spark an interest. 

Ms. Kleiber wants driver’s education to not only be informative but fun for the students.

“It isn’t easy making laws of the road fun, so I have to dig deep sometimes to come up with exciting and fun activities,” Kleiber said. “Kids don’t always have to learn in a four wall classroom. Life experiences are so important for the education process.”