Music To Our Ears

The impact music has on how we feel


Nora Foeller

The impact music can have on the mind and the use of music for specific enivronments.

Nora Foeller, Reporter

“Music can change the world.” -Beethoven

Start with a harmony, add a little beat, some melody, lyrics, then boom you’ve got yourself a song.

But, what if it’s not that simple. Who’s it about? What does it mean? Why did you write it? These are things to be taken into account when making music.

And on the flipside – How does music make us feel? Why are we listening to it?  What’s on our mind?

To answer these questions, you’d have to travel into the lyrics, or better yet… into the minds of those listening.

Most of us all have an escape whether be art, sports, writing, etc. For some, music speaks to their souls, their everyday life. It makes them feel things they didn’t know they could feel.

Sometimes that song is so good we just can’t take out our earbuds. For sophomore Madison Pegg, that is exactly the case.

“Pretty much, I never stop listening to it (music),” Pegg states. “I listen to it all day at school when I’m working out, during when I’m warming up for softball when I’m going home (…) When I’m sad I’ll listen to sad music, I also use it for like hype, for softball…”

Whether we realize it or not, music has a constant effect on us. It surrounds us in our everyday life, from the technology on our phones to the background noise on a presentation.

In some other examples, music can completely control a person. From being in the school musical to studying piano, freshman Morgan Feinstein’s life revolves around music.

“Music affects how I feel depending on the tone of the music, it’ll like… change how I feel. So if I’m listening to happy music I’m gonna feel better, [but] if I’m listening to sad stuff I’m [going to] lose it,” she explains.

It goes to show, that one simple song can change our emotions in a huge way. 

So if something’s got you down, put in your earbuds and let the beat take you away.