All In The Swing

Kelly Karre makes a run to state for the girls varsity golf team


LHS girls golf

Kelly Karre in full swing as she drives the ball in one of her important tournaments this year

Jaxin Osinski, Reporter

LHS girls golf
Coach Ashby, Kelly Karre and Coach Cole at the state tournament in Bolivar, Mo.

October 21st and 22nd were two days Kelly Karre will not forget. She played her heart out in the girls varsity golf state championship at Silo Ridge Golf and Country Club in Bolivar, Mo.

Now the course was not the easiest play on. It was very windy and wet. To go along with this the greens were very rough. Now even though Karre played the course about a month prior to the competition, it was still a very difficult match to prepare for.

Although it was rough weather, Karre shot an 88 on day one and a 92 on day two shooting at total of 180. She dealt with all the adversity well and made adjustments that allowed her to place 46 out of 90 competitors.

“Finally making it to state felt pretty fulfilling because of how hard I’ve worked to get there the past few years and barely missed it previously,” Karre said.

Now Karre did a lot of hard work to get to this state competition. She first became the GAC conference champ. Then went on to medal at districts. Last after all that pressure she had to deal with the most of all when she went to sectionals. After competing well there she eventually made the cut for state.

Finally making it to state felt pretty fulfilling because of how hard I’ve worked to get there the past few years and barely missed it previously.

— Kelly Karre

“Kelly is a great golfer with a pure swing,” coach Cole said. “She marries up the club head and the ball better than most golfers out there and does it all with a beautifully smooth swing.  Kelly has high expectations for herself which makes coaching her a lot of fun. She is always striving to get better which forces you as a coach to be more prepared and constantly be evolving.”

Karre is not new to the big moments full of pressure and she doesn’t plan to stop being in them. Her goal is to play golf in college she just hasn’t found the right school yet. 

She is always trying to get better so she can prepare herself for the transition to college golf. Karre and her family live on a golf course. So she will shoot a couple holes outside of practice to get better. On top of that she places the ball in different areas so she can go through different situations that can occur during tournaments.

Now living on a golf course was why Karre fell in love with the sport. Her family played on the course frequently so it was just convenient for her to learn and play with them. As she grew she became good at it realizing she could compete and actually win. That’s when her love for the sport really began to spark.

Karre’s love and passion for the game of golf is only getting stronger and she is getting closer and closer to her goals. She is always looking to get better and improve her game. Soon enough she is going to reach her college dreams.