1st place in the Spanish skit: 

Megan Kruse

Megan McVey

Faith Daniels

Sarah Tate

Marissa Sharp

Ryley O’Day

2nd place in the Spanish scavenger hunt: 

Kailey Cain

Carmyn Hughes

Kiara Jimenez

Anthony McCullough


1st place in reciting German poetry:

Elaine Amery

2nd place in reciting German poetry:

Abigail Shields

1st place in creating a poster:

Madelyn Birkhead

1st place and fan-favorite skit: 

Zach Kerns

Chuck Schraudenbach

Michael Peeler


1st place in reciting French poetry:

Cleo Mozolewski

Special Recognition for reciting poetry in Spanish, French, and German:

Faith Daniels