Pajama Mishap

Students tell their embarrassing stories about when they dressed up at school

Bri Corgan, Reporter

Sometimes dressing up for spirit day doesn’t always go as planned. Whether people tell you or you have to find out yourself, sometimes there’s something wrong with what you’re wearing, which always ends up makes a funny story to tell.

Cassie FrankCassie Frank

In sixth grade, Cassie Frank participated in pajama day. She was all confident in her onesie, which had a butt flap on it, but what she didn’t know was that someone unzipped it.

“I walked around for the large majority of the day with just polka dot
underwear going on,” Frank said.

Abby England

ThereAbby England’s nothing worse then showing up to school wearing something with a hole in it. Abby England had to deal with a hole in the seam on the back of her pajamas the whole day. By the middle of the day her friend saw and told her about it. After she figured out, she tried to find a way to cover it, but didn’t have anything to use to cover it.

“I tried to hide it, I like tried to sit down as much as I could and not get up,” said England.

Ashlynn Thompson

When Ashlynn Thompson was in sixth grade, her seventh grade sister told Thompson that it was dress in your Halloween costuAshlynn Thompsonme day. But what her sister didn’t tell her was that it was only for seventh grade.

“So, I got to school dressed up like Fiona from Adventure Time, because I was an absolute dweeb. I had to spend the whole day explaining to people why I was wearing rabbit ears and this crazy hero costume.” said Thompson.