Behind The Scenes Of A Wrestling Coach As A Teacher

A wrestling coach on the mats, and a teacher in the classroom.


Elektra Lowe

This is Coach Kling talking to JV Wrestling about a meet against Kirkwood, and Warrenton on Jan. 14, 2020.

Elektra Lowe, Reporter

What is it like to be a coach and a teacher? That may be a question for a few student-athletes. What is it like for a coach who has to stay up late at night some days with their teams during matches, like wrestling? What exactly do wrestling teachers go through to keep up with the grades while they have to keep up on the mats?

Coach Kling is Liberty High’s very own football coach, wrestling coach, and science teacher. He also coaches football in the fall. He teaches Zoology, Botany, Earth and Space Science, and Medical Interventions. He has been teaching at Liberty for seven years and coaching wrestling for four years.

“I manage time by figuring out what I want to do and then doing it,” he said. “It isn’t hard to do because I care about my students and athletes and I want them to succeed.”

Both teaching and coaching are similar to one another, according to Kling. “Teaching is coaching and coaching is teaching. I love them both,” he said.

Managing time is easy for him because he does it during class when students are working. He tries his best to get it done so he doesn’t have to bring it home but he does, however, make sure it gets done.

Aidan Kelly, a sophomore varsity male wrestler, says that Kling is doing great as a coach and also mentions that “he’s very tall.” However, as a teacher, Kelly believes that Mr. Kling is busy at work with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. How does Kelly think Coach Kling has time for grading after sports?

“I don’t really know, but I assume that they do it after school starts until practice and probably on the weekends,” Kelly said. “They probably are able to get home things in during class while their students are doing other assignments.”

As it goes for Mr. Kling’s “teacher side”, Kelly doesn’t know because he has never been in any of his classes.

Lilly Clay, a sophomore varsity female wrestler, says “I thought he was a lenient and nice coach.” The one thing that she is happy about is how he supports the female wrestlers on the team all of the time. What does she think about how the wrestling coach is managing time between wrestling and also his classwork?

“I think they have to manage their time really well, that’s for sure,” Clay said. “I think they have to put some stuff off for later, whether it be for coaching or teaching.”

As for the teacher’s life, she has never seen or been in any of his classes.

“Football is up and running right now. And I’m looking forward to wrestling season too. My athletes make coaching fun and exciting. Go Eagles!” Coach Kling said.