Saturn: A New Way to Keep Track of Your Schedule

With Saturn, students can keep track of how much time is left in class, look at their schedule, chat with friends, and create tasks

Saturn is a schedule keeping app that has helped students keep track of time.


Saturn is a schedule keeping app that has helped students keep track of time.

Taylor Koehnemann, Reporter

Recently, students have found a new way to keep track of their schedule while in school with an app called “Saturn.” This has gained lots of popularity amongst students. Students are able to do multiple things on the app, like keep track of the time, look at their schedule, chat with friends, and much more. 

When you start up the app for the first time, you will be greeted with an option of being able to connect your Snapchat or email to the app. After signing in you will be able to find your own school and set up your schedule. You will be able to search up any of the classes within Liberty High School, and the app will have every class within Liberty along with a matching icon for the class.

A student’s schedule view on Saturn. (screenshot of Saturn app)

Beyond the login for the app, the most popular use of this app is keeping track of time along with your schedule.

Junior Abby Dickerson stated, “The most helpful thing for me is seeing how long you have left in a class.”

This usually is helpful for students so they can manage their time well while in class. This feature comes with a timer that creates a circle as the class progresses.

A timer view for classes on Saturn. (screenshot of Saturn app)

Another feature the app lets students use is the chatting feature. This feature lets you chat with classmates in that class. There is a different chat for every class. Amongst students at Liberty this seems to be an unpopular feature which not many students tend to use. This may be due to students wanting to use their time wisely.

Another feature on the app is the tasks feature which lets students create tasks for any class of theirs. This can be any task you want to add: projects, homework, upcoming tests, and more. This feature can have a timer set and remind students of the task and keep them focused.

A feature similar to the tasks feature is the events one, which lets you take reminders for events outside of school; this can include sporting events, after school activities, parties, or a custom event that you can create.

So far, this app currently has almost 700 members from Liberty with most being freshman and sophomores. This app only continues to grow in popularity amongst students to help them and make the new schedule easier for them.