A Unique HOCO Proposal

Connor Higlen gets creative in asking someone to HOCO this year


Alix Queen

Connor Higlen in the 500 hall holds up his unique sign.

Lilly Brown, Reporter

Most people’s stereotypical homecoming proposals are about asking someone you like romantically. A crush, a boyfriend, a girlfriend. However, junior Connor Higlen took a different approach this year. He decided to ask his ‘bro’.

For the 2022 HOCO, Higlen was just planning on going with his best friend Aden Buchanan. One night he got the idea to make a sign for Buchanan, so he went to Hobby Lobby and bought a poster and markers. He went home and worked on making a sign saying “Bro seeking Bro…HOCO?”

It was actually my mom who came up with the words you saw on the sign,” Higlen explains.

The next day Higlen brought his freshly-made sign into school and showed Buchanan. Buchanan mainly just laughed and gave him a “sure.”

During SOAR Time, Higlen got an idea on how to give the sign more use. He sat in the 500 hall with some friends and held up his sign asking anyone who passed by to HOCO.

“I ended up getting one girl to actually say ‘yes,’ but I then had to explain to her that it was all just a joke,” Higlen said.

Some people said he almost looked like a beggar sitting there with his sign. A few offered him stuff as they walked by. One girl even gave him the white beads being sold at that lunch.

For now, Higlen and Buchanan are just going together as “bros” and are open to anyone tagging along. 

As the days go on we will be seeing more and more HOCO proposals. However, we might see more people follow in the footsteps of Higlen and ask their friends.

“I highly encourage everyone to make these fun signs. It’s a great way to strengthen friendships and make plans for HOCO while keeping it light and fun,” Higlen said. 

HOCO will surely be enjoyed by many people this year.