• Feb 23 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 58, Zumwalt East - 45
  • Feb 23 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 48, Zumwalt East - 45
  • Feb 22 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 54, North Point - 44
  • Feb 20 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 43, Lindbergh - 59
  • Feb 14 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 58, Howell Central - 39
Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Kindness Makes the World Go Around

School tradition of Be Kind Week is all about being inclusive and respectful to others
Sydney Davis
Be Kind T-shirts were handed out by teachers to those students who did an act of kindness during Be Kind week.

Kindness can have a ripple effect on someone who may be having a bad day. It can also inspire them to cheer up others.

Be Kind week is all about being caring, inclusive, and respectful to fellow peers, staff, administrators, and even to others outside of school. The annual event took place from Nov. 13-17 and during the week, various activities take place.  

  • Kindness Bingo: Bingo sheets were distributed with kindness challenges that were simple and easy to do, and they encouraged students to be kind to others in small, meaningful ways. 
  • Kindness Letters: Students had the opportunity to write letters of thanks to staff members or friends to be delivered throughout the week during power lunch. After they wrote their note, they had the opportunity to enter a raffle and win a gift card. 
  • Random acts of Kindness: Students and staff were encouraged to perform random acts of kindness throughout the week. This could be anything from simply holding the door open to leaving a kind note on someone’s desk.
  • Be Kind Shirts: Teachers handed out “Be Kind” shirts to students as they catch them in moments of kindness.
Be Kind Week is a tradition and was made possible with help from the StuCo Be Kind committee. (Avery Bowen)
  • Gratitude Journal: Make a copy of this Gratitude Journal can help you keep track of your week and help accomplish goals.

Be Kind week also had an assortment of spirit days that students and staff participated in. These spirit days include: 

  • Monday: Dreaming of kindness; PJ Day
  • Tuesday: Your future is bright when you are kind; Neon Day
  • Wednesday: Score some points by helping others; Team apparel
  • Thursday: Eagles Kingdom; Red, White, and Blue
  • Friday: Friendly Friday; Be Kind shirts

Be Kind T-shirts were distributed to students who made someone else’s day by being kind. Acts of kindness can be anything from helping someone pick their items up off the ground to even giving them a compliment or helping with a project/classwork that maybe someone is struggling with. Either way, Be Kind week is a big deal, everyone deserves to feel safe and happy with their fellow classmates, staff, and administrators. 

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Alexis Cullivan, Reporter
Alexis Cullivan is a senior and this is her second year in publications. Outside of school, she plays recreational co-ed volleyball every Friday and works at Old Navy. She enjoys listening to music, such as Beach House, Braxton Knight, and more, hangouts with friends, reading, writing, and even crocheting! After school, Alexis plans on going to college to study in English as well as traveling to visit family throughout the states.   
Sydney Davis, Editor-in-Chief of The 2024 Talon
Sydney Davis is an editor-in-chief of the Talon Yearbook and will soon be in her third year of publications while also a manager of the cross country team. She is in her senior year and her second year of classes at SCC. She loves listening to music and watching movies and reading in her free time, along with playing with her niece and nephews. Sydney dreams of being a concert photographer while traveling the world when she is older. She is unsure of where her education will continue after high school, but would like to major in either journalism or marketing. Worms love worms!

Avery Bowen, Reporter
Avery Bowen is a junior and this is their first year in publications. She is also involved in drama club working as a crew head for set. Outside of school, Avery can usually be found quietly drawing in their room or taking a nap. When not hanging out in her room, Avery is outside in nature walking along her backyard creek and fishing. After high school they plan on studying wildlife biology at an out-of-state college. 

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