New Faces

Ms. Muller is new to Liberty and to the science department


Olivia Holler

Ms. Muller is a new teacher at Liberty and already has made a good impression on many students and staff members.

Olivia Holler, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Even though new science teacher Ms. Muller hasn’t been here long, she has already made a good impression.

“I haven’t known her for very long but I know she is eager to jump into this challenge starting after the beginning of the year,” Ms. Rosner said. “She is really interested in meeting her students, learning new content and being apart of the Liberty team.”

The latest addition to the Liberty’s staff, Ms. Muller brings a lot of experience and knowledge to Liberty.

She graduated from Missouri Baptist University and has a degree in science and biology and a unified science certification that allows her to teach all sciences.

“She has a lot of science experience,” Rosner said. “She has worked in a lot of vocational/tech opportunities, at a small school where she was the whole science department so she has taught a lot of different years and has taught for a number of years. She also has high school aged kids – she is relevant to what is going on.”

She is teaching Principles of Natural and Physical Sciences and Investigations of Biochemistry in room 400. These classes are open to all grades.

“She is pretty straight forward with classwork and she’s a great teacher,” freshman Adrian Lee said.

Ever since she was in high school, Ms. Muller has had a love for science.

“I really enjoyed my high school science teacher class and I was fascinated with the art in science,” Muller said. “Plants and animals were the first thing that drew me to it and I really like teenagers.”

Not only does she have a love of science, but a love for other things outside of the classroom.

“I enjoy traveling, camping and spending time with my daughters; one is a junior in college and the other is a senior in high school,” Muller said.

If you are walking by the 400 hallway, make sure to welcome Ms.Muller to our school and community as she brings even more experience to our science department.