Next Stop, The Twilight Zone

Jordan Peele creates yet another hit


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The Twilight Zone 2019 remake series is only available on CBS All Access.

London Powell, Reporter

Warning, spoilers lay ahead.

Most everyone has heard of the popular 1950s-1960s TV show “The Twilight Zone.” The original show ended in 1964, but famed director, producer, and actor, Jordan Peele created a remake of the series. Peele’s remake features a mixture of original episode concepts and recreations of past episodes. The whole series is only available if you have CBS All Access, but at the moment there is one episode, free to view on Youtube.

Peele’s first episode was an original idea that followed a struggling comedian, Samir, that thirsts for fame. After performing his stand-up that bombed with the audience, Samir meets a famed comedian that decides to help him.

This comedian gives Samir advice to open up more on stage. Samir takes this advice, but it comes with a consequence. Everything Samir makes a joke about, disappears. It starts with his dog, then slowly gets worse. He gets rid of most every person he doesn’t like. Until it backfires, resulting in an unexpected twist.

I went into this episode with low expectations. I expected it to just be a disappointment after being such a fan of the original series. I was blown out of the water. It wasn’t like every other TV show airing nowadays where you can predict every little thing. It had twists and turns all over the place. Almost nothing was expected.

Peele’s use of cinematography and audio is exceptionally. It really helps give the episode this eerie vibe. The camera does an excellent job at capturing the characters emotions, which can also be chopped up to the amazing work done by the actors.

If you are a fan of the mysterious and entertaining and appreciate a good quality show, then I suggest you tune in and take a stop in the twilight zone.