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  • May 16 / Girls Varsity SoccerLiberty High School - 0, St. Dominic - 1
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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Liberty Shows Off Its Talent

Students display what they can do in Key Club’s annual talent show
Anna Simms
During the seventh annual talent show, junior Divya Kollipara performs a classic dance originating from southern India known as Bharatanatyam.” Dance means everything to me,” Kollipara said. “I can put in all my emotions into it and create an amazing performance that people can enjoy.” Kollipara said. At the end of the night, Kollipara was announced as the judges choice winner of the talent show. “I was not expecting to win, I felt very honored and grateful that I won.”

Key Club showcased the talent of the students in its annual talent show on Jan. 26 in the auditorium. The show is a great way for students to show off their passionate about. 

This long-lasting tradition is a fun way for the club to make money for charity. The fundraising of the event went to Convoy of Hope. It’s an organization which helps provide humanitarian and disaster relief for impoverished and needy populations throughout the world.

16 different acts were showcased at this year’s event showing off different talents like vocals, dance, slam poetry, and so much more. The event was judged by teachers Ms. Feddersen, Mr. Schaper and Ms. Hughes.

The audience voted the band the winner after their performance of “Master of Puppets.” (Anna Simms)

Members of Key Club ran the event from behind the scenes making sure everything ran smoothly and the performers had what they needed. Three of them went up on stage and made the audience laugh with their funny jokes. Seniors Anumitha Vaka, Lydia Hamby, and Maya Davis were the hosts of the night and introduced all of the acts.

Key Club member and talent show performer Lorelei Wise said, “It’s a fun way to get members of the club participating.”

The event had a special segment called the untalented acts. The hosts picked random people from the audience and had them perform a random game. There were three of these acts, which consisted of playing Mario Kart with drunk goggles, musical chairs, and a karaoke battle.

Another fun event of the night was the special guest act. Ms. Gehrke, the theater teacher, came back for another year to perform. This year she did a spoken version of the hit song “I’m Just Ken” from the hit movie “Barbie.”

At the end of the night, two awards were given out. One was picked by the audience and the other determined by the judges. The winner of the audience award were seniors Connor Higlen and Will Albers and sophomores Jack Galloway and Sophie Stafford who all performed the song “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. The judges gave their award to junior Divya Kollipara who danced as their performance.

Acts in Order:

Vocals – Emina Topcagic

Dance – Divya Kollipara

Vocals – Ajla Topcagic

Screaming – Mason Putzler & Elle Pruss

Slam Poetry – Lorelei Wise

Dance – Clara Walker

Vocals – Danica Boni

Piano – Loukya Vaka

Vocals/Guitar – Caleb Jackson

Band – Connor Higlen, Will Albers, Jack Galloway, and Sophie Stafford

Guard – Zoe Snell

Vocals – A. Theodore

Dance – Alysha Sims & Nara Robles

Vocals/Piano – Brielle Vassel & Sadie Dunlap

Slam Poetry – Hadassah Haefele

Piano – Trent Stuerman

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Echo Brooke, Reporter
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Braden Altrup
Braden Altrup, Entertainment Editor of Broadcast Media
Braden Altrup is a Junior and is the Entertainment Producer for the Broadcast team. He has been editing video since he was 10 years old and earned 5 awards from video contests across the country. He was on the Liberty soccer team for his first 2 years of school, but then focused more on his videos and helping run the Broadcast class. He works for his step-father installing car stereos and speakers into cars, and is into drifting/building cars in his free time.

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