It’s The End Of The Year As We Know It

Students and staff reveal how they are preparing for the end of the school year


Kaylin Schwandner

Its time to get excited because summer is coming very soon.

Kaylin Schwandner , Reporter

Students everywhere are counting down the days until the last day of school. With only weeks left ahead, everyone is preparing in some type of way for the end of the 2021-22 school year.

AP exams, EOC exams, and final exams have many students feeling overwhelmed for the end approaching so fast.

“I have been studying for all the finals and EOCs, but also getting excited about the summer where I’ll be working and spending time with my friends,” sophomore Grace Richardson said.

Though some people are frantic about the events of the end of this school year, others are calm. Sophomore Brooklyn Lowrie explains how she “feels good about the end of the year coming and is ready for the summer to begin.”

While underclassmen are looking forward to their comforting next few years ahead as a Liberty eagle, seniors are preparing for their independent lives and newfound freedom.

“I’ve been really focusing on everything I need for ending my time at Liberty and starting my time at Missouri State,” senior Cami Grimes said.

Students are preparing in different ways, but one thing is consistent throughout the school. We are counting down the days until summer break. For seniors, their last day is May 27, and for the rest of the students, June 3. Though some are saying that’s way too much time, others like sophomore Caitlin Novack are saying it’s not enough,

“I feel like the year has just begun and now it’s almost over, it’s crazy,” Novack said.

As it is a hard time for students to get all of their things together to prepare for the end of the year, it is also challenging for teachers.

“I have planned out all of my lessons to get through the curriculum in time, and I am trying to make sure I have all the study materials students will need for exams, and I am encouraging students to start studying now for exams because it is coming fast,” Mrs. Strathman said. “I am also preparing for a summer vacation.”

Summer is approaching fast, make the last few weeks mean something to you.