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Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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Students Prep to Get Funky for Homecoming

Liberty students go far out with their spirit days before homecoming

Students embraced their inner boogie with the themed spirit days that count down to Saturday Night Fever last week. From far out hairstyles to disco threads, these students know how to put slam in slammin. These cool cats can boogie down and get their groove on with their own creative spin on each spirit day. 

Jamyla Robinson, Tiamya Smith, McKenzie Bridsong dress up in their pajamas for the first day of homecoming spirit week. (Lexi Daniels)

(Barely) Stayin Alive – Monday

Students are walking on sunshine with the first spirit day before homecoming. Coming in with pajamas to show just how much they’re “staying alive.” From unicorn onesies to exotic animal prints, the halls were decorated with all sorts of fun, mismatched pajamas. Even teachers and staff show that they can get cozy with the theme.

Layla Childers poses with her ‘funky hair’ for Tuesday’s spirit day. (Lexi Daniels)

Funky Town  – Tuesday

Welcome to funky town! Students have fresh cuts with nifty colors for wacky hair day. From bubble braids to a glitter haze the students show how stellar they can be. Layla Childers says, “I just wanted to do some Eagle pride and add some wacky colors,” also saying, “I feel like all high school students should participate no matter what grade. It’s really fun to do, and if they tried it they would have lots of fun.” 

Emily Griffith and Lena Blankley pose in their groovy outfits for spirit day number two. (Lexi Daniels)

Let’s Groove – Wednesday 

Students boogie with Wednesday’s theme, “disco day”. Flare pants and disco balls were nothing short of what these creative students had to offer, walking in with platform shoes, they really showed the pep in their step. They embraced their inner John Travolta and Dancing Queens with sequined shirts and poppin pant patterns, staying true to the words “We can boogie on down.” 

Hannah Siciliano and Kirthi Ramesh show off the 2023 homecoming shirts during Thursday’s spirit day. (Lexi Daniels)

We Are Family – Thursday 

With homecoming in two days, students joined together as one big family wearing their homecoming shirts. The 2023 homecoming shirts are sporting a rad disco ball on the back, with 2023 on the front. Every student was showing how excited and anxious they are for homecoming, when wearing their shirts. 

Taylor Moomey, Chandler Hirtz and Brady Rybicki pose in their ‘Red Out’ attire on Friday in preparation for the homecoming game against Roosevelt. (Lexi Daniels)

Disco Inferno – Friday

With one day left until homecoming, the students get fired up wearing red for disco inferno. Cowboy hats, capes, Teletubby suits, feather boas, face paint, and tutus were all being sported by students. Everyone’s  showing how much they can’t wait to “get down on it” at homecoming, making the whole day a radical experience. Not only is everyone showing all their spirit at school, but at the 2023 homecoming game as well. 

With that being said, the next day is the day that all students have been waiting for. Drum roll please…. Saturday Night Fever Liberty High School’s 2023 homecoming. Can’t wait to see all the students groove and get their boogie at the dance!

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Emily Griffith, Reporter
Emily Griffith is a freshman and it is her first year in journalism. She is also a part of the freshman cheer team and the JV softball team. She enjoys softball, writing, photography, baking, yoga, fast cars/bikes, adrenaline, roller coasters, and bulldogs. When not in the classroom, you will most likely find her at home, listening to music, and coming up with a creative way to express herself. As an aspiring author, you will commonly see Emily write about the way she would like to see the world change. As a big traveler, Emily would love to travel to France, United Kingdom, and Scotland. In the future, you will hopefully see Emily running her own business or living in New York doing what she loves! 

Lexi Daniels, Reporter
Lexi Daniels is a freshman in her first year of journalism. When she’s not at school, she can often be found participating in physical activities. While she does enjoy being active, she is creative and enjoys art and design. Lexi values time with loved ones, and enjoys being around her friends. She plans to continue her journalism journey and looks forward to growing her skills. 

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