• Nov 29 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 44, Zumwalt North - 38
  • Nov 29 / Girls JV BasketballLiberty High School - 29, Zumwalt North - 26
  • Nov 27 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 64, Howell North - 38
  • Nov 27 / Girls Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 62, Howell North - 58
  • Nov 21 / Boys Varsity BasketballLiberty High School - 56, Timberland - 51
Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


Student News of Liberty High School


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What It’s Like to Be Loved

The personality and life of the astonishing Dan Wheeler
Anna Simms
Mr. Wheeler serves as the DJ at many of the Liberty dances, including this year’s homecoming dance.

Some of us don’t like other people. Some of us find it hard to make connections with people, but not Mr. Wheeler. Wheeler works at Liberty High School and might just be one of the sweetest people you know.

He is not only funny, but finds a place in his heart for every single student who goes to this school. At his school he was the exact same way, always loving and caring for people, he was considered the “good boy.” For someone who is like Wheeler you wouldn’t expect them to have a hero, but he does. The question was asked to Dan “Who is your hero? And why?”

Wheeler stated that his heroes were “Mr. Miyagi, John Lennon, and Snoop Dogg. Mr. Miyagi because he is tough, John Lennon because he is creative and open minded, and Snoop Dogg because he is “timeless.” 

Wheeler works very hard at this school making sure everyone is in check, while also being there for them when they need. He states that what motivates him to work hard is how he was raised. He was always raised to work hard and to be independent and strong. Some people may not know but he has a daughter named Addisyn who is in law school at Saint Louis University (SLU). He isn’t married, and never plans to be because he doesn’t believe in it. 

Accepting. Accepting because there is not one person who walks through these doors not feeling welcome or awkward about where they are because Wheeler no matter what is accepting to everyone.

— Dr. Nelson

Wheeler explained how when he first came to Liberty he knew this was where he wanted to be. He couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but Liberty because he loves the people and when he walked in the first thing he thought was how clean and beautiful the school was. He has been here for 10 years ever since it opened and he doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

When asked what is one word that you would describe Wheeler, principal Mr. Nelson said “Accepting. Accepting because there is not one person who walks through these doors not feeling welcome or awkward about where they are because Wheeler no matter what is accepting to everyone.” Out of all the people that Nelson knows, he said that Wheeler was one of his favorites because “he seriously does so much for this school.”

Students also recognize the important role Wheeler plays in the school.

“He is always involved with everyone and everything, helping out wherever he can trying to make this school a better place,” Nelson said.  No matter what it is sports activities, games, announcements, Wheeler is always there to help.

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About the Contributors
Ella Nelson, Reporter
Ella Nelson is a sophomore and this is her first year in journalism. Her birthday is in fall and she loves the time of year her birthday takes place because she loves fall and the temperature is perfect. She is very shy when first meeting people but when she gets to know them she is funny and entertaining. For sports, she used to play soccer but now she is a thrower for track and field.
Anna Simms, Editor-in-Chief of LHStoday.org
Anna Simms is the editor-in-chief of LHStoday.org and this is her third year in publications. She is also in her senior year and second year at SCC. After high school, Anna plans on going to a university to study biomedical sciences, and later get a doctorate. She is also a part of Liberty’s drama club as an executive board member, and has done both acting and tech. Outside of school, you can find Anna either taking photos, editing, hanging out with friends, listening to music, or reading!

Alix Queen, Weekly Content Editor
Alix Queen is a senior and in their fourth year of publications. They are the weekly content editor while being in their third year of yearbook. Along with being in yearbook, Alix is in theater and is Mr. Hall’s TA. Outside of school, Alix works at JCPenney, as well as reads books, plays music, and scrolls on TikTok for hours on end. Along with this, Alix is usually hanging out with their best friend, Julia Wiley. After their final year of high school, Alix plans on going to a four year school for journalism and hopes to be a photographer.

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